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4XP=FXTG=SkyFX: The Proofs


2nd Lieutenant

Hi Forseti, well by now we all know Commerzbank Frankfurt, hosted the criminal’s account of
ForexPlace 4xp, guess nothing wrong by calling them a bunch of criminals, since they are considered as such by the French Court.

Did you ever get a reply from German BaFin, it would be interesting to understand this EU Regulator explanations in concerns of eventual wrongdoing of its supervised financial institution.



Yes, I have filed a complaint in Germany’s financial regulator-BAFIN., And they have responded me, they can not help in this matter.
BAFIN says he is not authorized to perform Investigations of the transactions of the bank’s customers, BAFIN replied that can not to take any action against the bank.
I’ve sent them, all the evidence of my transactions to the accounts that, «4xp» had at the bank.

So, I opted for the solution to file the complaint against the broker «Forex Place- 4xp » in the courts.


2nd Lieutenant

Many others forwarded their funds to Commerzbank Frankfurt, believing it was safe.

“….Commerzbank AG, as payment service provider of the payee, has no contractual relationship to you as payer. Acting as payment service provider of the payee, our bank just has the duty to credit the transfer amount on the designated account of the payee. An exceeding obligation to take care of interests of the payer or the payee related with the payment does not exist. ”

Of course their statement is highly erroneous , requiring a criminal court investigation!
Even many years after….it’s never to late


2nd Lieutenant

Ok, the last chapter of a standard BaFin reply (2020)

“I consider the bank’s explanation to be reasonable and therefore I have no reason to contact the bank. Transfer of Data to unauthorised third parties violates the bank secrecy respectively the Federal Data Protection Act. Only an ordinary court may make a binding ruling on whether the practice of Commerzbank AG was appropriate or not.”

…so worldwide victims of 4xp would need to take legal actions on a German Court, just to find out what happened to their funds, sure seems to be complicated, not to mention all the small claims, the very next thing is, of course the Bank filed an AML Suspicion report retroactive!

No real point mentioning Commerzbank’s fraud history, thousands of honest people work there as well.

Here we go again, one more Payment Service Provider, excellent article

Just to get this straight, World Pay AP LTD. had been indicted by a French Criminal Court, and remains indicted on their appeal (15 sep.) the final sentence may include Jail.

Of course they are obliged by court for repair of damage. (they can fight it out with their buddy’s !)

The company including its illegal client, partner, reseller or third party criminals (what ever…) had caused enormous damages beyond the French public and of course as well in other country’s.

Some still pretend there are various legal loopholes, allowing robbing of worldwide consumers, NO .



The former President of the European Parliament (2004-2007) told the newspaper He Said it following:
«claimed that worked with entities as Northwestern Bank and Commerzbank , and for months I was checking that all worked correctly.» They attended to the phone and it seemed that they were professional. «Supposedly, was a United Kingdom company, although the office that communicated , it was attended by French and had domicile in Paris».
«Well, it looked so absolutely normal, with Northwestern Bank and Commerzbank . You think it’s not a dangerous thing.

That is, he Former President of the European Parliament thought that the broker was legit because the broker worked with the bank Commerzbank

I also invested money in 4xp why the broker who cheated me had account with the bank Commerzbank.

A bank working with brokers and opening the accounts to brokers without checking or investigating that broker.


2nd Lieutenant



Mr. Borrel, an aeronautical engineer, economist, professor of business mathematics, former president of the European Parliament, several Masters, former President of the European Parliament, former Minister of Government in Spain, writer, and he speaks a lot of languages, an important politician in Europe and especially in Spain . and you see . cheated by a broker, Consortfx.

In other interview on other newspaper ,he said that he trusted the broker because there was a big bank that worked with the broker and it gave him confidence to deposit money in that bank.

Never again did he know of his money or those responsible for this broker, which operated in the United Kingdom, although the contact office, was domiciled in Paris.

«After contacting with the banks to which he had transferred his funds and responding that, these accouts do not exist, he decided to go to the police in June to file a complaint that was extended in July».

The Commerzbank was working with brokers that later these brokers disappear with the money of the clients.

I mean that anyone can fall into the hands of these delinquent brokers and swindle their money.
I am not an aeronautical engineer, nor an economist, nor a professor, nor a president of anything, I am a worker like millions of workers, and consumers who invest in forex trusting brokers who work with banks that seem to be important as the case of that bank.

And in my case, the broker 4xp-Forex Place cheated me 15.239 Euros, and that broker also was working with the bank Commerzbank, because I had transferred my funds to the broker’s accounts in that bank

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Binarias binary which s it as a house but traders.

Elite indicators :) – page 354

I only worked at suffix FXF

It has not worked in:

Exness suffix m

The collective suffix _fx

ForexPlace ( Account ECN suffix #

As I said : check for a «missing symbol» message in the upper left corner

If it works with one broker using suffix it will work with other too regardless of the suffix used (it is simply extracting the difference on pppp EURUSD ssss and what is left are prefix (the pppp part if if exist) and suffix (the ssss part if it exist). There are no predefined prefixes or suffixes that it uses. In case when symbol is missing (any symbol) it does not calculate further, but writes out a message saying «missing symbol » and symbol name. Remove that symbol from the list of symbols in the symbols parameter and it will work

PS: just saw what is going on :

Exness as an example – see the picture with some symbols from Exness

as you see there are symbols with «m» in the end, there are symbols with «c» added to their names and there are symbols (those same symbols) without anything added to their names. So Exness is having not 1, not 2 but 3 suffixes at the same time. No automatic suffix / prefix recognition will work on that kind of suffix / prefix mix up.

PPS: for this version you do not need to enable dlls, but you have to change the suffixes for every new broker you use manually (as I explained – there is no way to automatically decide which is the suffix you want to use in cases like explained, only you as a user can do that)

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